‘Health Care’ by Dr.God

One of my personal favorite topics to discuss from an acim perspective is ‘health care’. Having been a ‘doctor of ego’ for 35 years… (my focus was on ‘fixing’ you)… It is a De Light to be a ‘Teacher of God’, with a gift to ‘practice with people’ the Clearing techniques Learned from acim.

108016159751717533_1348687898The current health care system is now based on ‘diagnoses’. It is the ‘label’ placed on all ‘conditions’…. ALL DIAGNOSES take us Further away from the Source or Truth.

As I Like to say, A diagnosis is the ‘booby prize”… a diagnoses confirms ‘that’ which needs to be ‘fixed’ or ‘monitored’.

For 35 years, I saw ‘All of You’ as ‘suffering bodies’ needing ‘adjustment’… LOLO… I wrote down all your ‘complaints’… which where actually, ‘my projected complaints’ and then You became a ‘diagnosis’… a ‘problem’ that I projected…and I got ‘rewarded’ for ‘fixing’… A dangerous System At Best.

Now one of the ‘realities’, I (we) live with in the apparent health care process… when ‘fixing anyone’… sometimes they would get better… and sometimes they would not.  Even with my most ‘creative fix it plans’… getting consistant 100% ‘positive’ results with anything… never happened.

So this all begs the question…Where does God ‘stand’ on the topic of Health. What would God have me ‘do’?  How does God want me to hold ‘health care’.  and the only answer… Without Judgement…

God is Love….Never broken… never needing to be fixed!

In ‘my mind’, ‘practicing chiropractic through my adulthood’, …I saw ‘you’ as broken, hurting, and needing to be fixed.  Be cause these were ‘my’ projections… I was reflecting ‘my’ unhealed mind through each of ‘your’ complaints, that I was documenting and beLIEving …I was still ‘seeing’ my self as ‘capable of suffering’…

In the current moment…When hearing a complaint in an ‘apparent’ other…I go to God to See where I am still harboring a beLIEf… that results in ‘me judging with suffering’… omg…

And the truth… in the horizontal… sometimes folks got better … sometimes not… And even with my Divided Ego/God mind… there was One place where God Lived… and could be counted on 100% of the time…

In ‘horizantal health care’, God Lives in the Placebo Effect!!

Here is the ‘medically agreed upon’ definition (bolding is mine):

images-3A placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect.

I LOVE that.. “Treatment intended to ‘deceive the recipient’ (definition of ego)”… Placebo Effect… the patient gets better and no body can ‘explain’ it!

A ‘placebo effect’ affects the Mind only. A ‘drug’, that will ‘do nothing’, is given to some body… and this ‘do nothing drug’ allows for them to ‘get better’… There body has not changed. Only ‘their mind’… They ‘think’ they were given something to ‘help’ them feel better.  So they ‘thought’ them selves better… (sounds like acim????)…(the old “healing of the mind’ stuff)….(lolo)

bbed6ec94986a74dd941bb9488337d49So in acim… we are Only Healing Minds… We are ‘thinking’ our way to the PLACEBO EFFECT.  A’Happy’ Outcome…. and I personally Love Happy endings…

Now for those with insurance… this particular ‘diagnosis and treatment plan’, is Never Paid for by insurance…. LOLOLOL

A Big Hug for ‘health and care’ AND YOU!!! Loloxoxoxo