My Jihad Needs a Hug from My Homeland Security!

???????????????????????????????????????Listening to God for advice on my viewing selections is always entertaining.  I had to title this one “My Jihad Needs a Hug from My Homeland Security”…My former ‘conspiracy theorist’ self is doing the Snoopy Dance while belly laughing here!!!

I understand from ilusionary sources, that Homeland Security is watching/reading posts from those of us following A Course in Miracles.  You just have to laugh… what could they possibly see as a threat?… what if the population stops ‘fearing Everything’?   I guess there would be some job security issues for those involved with fear…the defense industry for instance… Erasing fear, may create more opportunity for ‘friendship’, less need for defending against.  lolololol…  “In my Defensiveness My Safety lys” (acim).  Just proves to me, when I am looking for ‘threats’, I will find them… Best not to Look for them!!!!  lololo

So God Spoke and I watched, and am now writing about, Islamic Jihad.  I brought up ‘homeland security’ and now,  I am giving a review of a periodic, American TV, episodic crime drama called, “Sleeper Cells”.   LOLOLOL Handcuff me now… Anyway… In fact, I fought a little with God at first…  Then I saw that Netflix had rated Sleeper Cells as a 3.5 stars. Well, even I can get Some thing from 3.5 stars.

This is an episodic program on TV that you can view on netflix.  I fell asleep during the first 3 episodes…God was specific on the episode!… then God woke me up for episode 4.  So I watched, “Sleeper Cell”, episode 4, ‘Scholar’ with God….

12320266363hw2NuOMG, this was a beautiful ‘thriller’, that shares this story of an Islamic Scholar. He teaches Non Violence and focuses on ‘deprogramming’,  so called “Islamic terrorists”.   His version of ‘deprogramming’, starts by asking individuals, “What is the Greatest Jihad?”… The Greater Jihad, in Islam (according to these writers) is the battle won against ones own Soul… The internal battle is the Only Battle that we need to win.  He shows them how they are projecting this violence Outward!!!!  Ooooh… this is looking good….

I just hope that the information that was scripted was accurate.  If so, I am so excited to Join with the Prophet Allah, next to Jesus, that have brought this information to the world.  I Learned much about Islam. I do think the authors of this show did some homework from what little I know about Islam.

Unfortunately, instead of allowing us to pursue any kind of plot line with this Holy Man, we, do what we do best…And that would spoil the whole plot line!! So I will not share the ending.

??????????????????????????????????????Know the focus of Islam is to Love God above all else.   Interesting how so many religions have misinterpreted this, the greatest Teaching of all and so many damn  (I will look for and clear the judgement on the ‘damn’) interpretations of it…!  In the show, they talk about the inner terrorist as the One that must be conquered.  The “judgmental terror that I place on Everything…” is mine to undo only.

So if Homeland Security,  or terrorists of any kind, view this post, please Know that You are So Loved.  I Join You In Love Only.   And if you feel handcuffs are necessary, my skin tones go better with gold…could you do my hands in front so I can see how pretty they look!   lololololol  xoxoxoxoxoxox