Empty and Meaningless Clearing Allowing Love

As with everything in life… once I make a commitment, all that would interfere with the commitment I start projecting. This appears to hold true with my commitment to Join Tabula Rasa at the ACIM Monestary in Utah. Tabula Rasa, ‘blank slate’, is quite a commitment.

This morning I awoke with a massive Clearing that resulted from a situation that did not sit well. I have felt ‘judged’ by a Mightie Companion. My Projection. My Lesson. My Atonement.

Now the funny thing was, she was pointing out that at some point, I have to really be in complete Integrity With Jesus. I can not allow ‘triggers’ of what my ‘sick and dying’ small mind throws up as Truth. EVER. No Exceptions.

Really sitting in this space with Christ. Why am I projecting the judgment of being judged.   What the f#*k. So I really took a look at the complaint and the story.

The ‘Parable of Calico’ (thank you David Hoffmeister), started with me doing lots of praying during an apparent ‘icky’ foreclosure. “Holy Spirit Help Me See this Differently”. Lots of this… every time a thought came through like, “this is not fair’, ‘f*#K big banks’… ect. Lots of Prayer. And I could understand the process.

Then the cancer diagnosis that I was unable to receive as a gift initially. And I continued to ask to See everything differently. Everything. From Fear to Love… Everything. And the result of this… ‘problems’ just started to disappear. Poof.

Now this ‘I am not a body’, has been a bit of a dilemma. And for the past six years, I have prayed to ‘see this different’. So this ‘correction’ from a Mightie Companion to:

Trust your brother. Always. Every encounter with another is divine. Each person has been divinely SENT to you. They are a divine messenger”. 

The Truth, I wanted to make ‘them’ wrong for pointing out ‘my trigger’… (chuckle)

Ok… ‘apparent cancer’ is my brother. My divine messenger. My Ultimate Gift. That which is the event that I have allowed my self to Hear God. Trust to the degree I have been trusting.

Now, am I willing to see this trigger, called ‘my feelings about cancer, is keeping me stuck and judgmental about this apparent world and people within it. So as I embrace each of my judgmental thoughts… owning them… giving them to Holy Spirit to see differently. And I am struck with the trust issue.

I am either Trusting God. That each encounter is Devine and Holy. OR I am in the beLIEf system of my mind. A lot in the recent past of ‘calico’s story’… has come from, ‘running from cancer’, ‘running from death’, running from ‘life with it’s so called inevitable end’. There was no ’embracing’ initially.

And each time I open to Trusting Love over my ‘running from an apparent end’, I train my separated self to see the One Mind.

So I am setting up Tabula Rasa in a powerful, unknown way. Holy Spirit Guide Me. I Am Truly here to be helpful and assist in Love’s Extension. And as long as I am beLIEving ‘dis-ease’ in any way, ‘I’ am not useful.

Allow me to Hear Your Guidance and See Worthiness Through Your Eyes! Allow me to Experience Your Peace. Amen