Chapter 22: Salvation and the Holy relationship… learning to Love ham..

To All My Friends that appear to be ‘suffering’ from ‘bodily concerns’ (whether it be cancer or a ‘desire’ to loose a few pounds), this post is for US…lol…

I refer all to Chapter 22: Salvation and the Holy relationship (direct quotes in italics)… as all of the following were taken from that chapter…

And the only question to ask, when faced wth ‘bodily concerns’… is this, “Do you want freedom of the body or of the mind? For both you cannot have.” Initially with an apparent ‘bodily suffering’, we want to ‘fix it’… the faster the better… and as acim is Always saying, “there is only Healing of the Mind’… and in our efforts to ‘fix’… we will be mucking about in the illusion for EVER.

Where am I Trusting God above All Else?-2Heal the Mind… and ‘we eventually learn, the body is the last symbol that we need to move the focus away from… and BACK to Love.

The ‘body’, is the last illusion we must deal with. For We think ‘we’ are real… and with that… we must ‘do something’… and in Truth… the only ‘doing’ that is necessary… is to ‘Go Deeper With God’… Listen for the Voice of God in All You Do.

And as ‘human doers’, I will jump to take that aspirin, to do chemo, to cure that cold… and ‘I forget’… oh, yeah… Where is the Love… God?… Where am I Not Trusting You?

Oh… here is an often misunderstood concept in acim,… “We are asking far too little… if we are asking for freedom of the body…” Focusing on the ‘body’ is like ‘focusing on deck chairs’ on the Titanic. While I might get them arranged perfectly… I am on the f–king Titanic… Taking more Vitamin C or chemo will not ‘be helpful’ in ‘getting off the Titanic’…lolololol… However… quietly keeping Love for all in my Mind… assisting others in getting off the ship… accepting the atonement for all that is not peaceful in my mind… quieting those that may be ‘panicking’ (they perhaps beLIEve they are ‘sinking’ in sickness and death)…Holding only Love… ‘doing’ is not necessary (moving chairs)… only Holding the Truth… keep Clearing all areas of my mind that are not Loving. We are Love… We just forgot…

“To serve this end (Loving All) the body must be perceived as sinless, because the goal is sinlessness.” And when we beLIEve the body is ‘sick’… we are believing that ‘sin is real’…and there is some ‘deep inner work required’… ‘Go to God to See differently’…Allow all fears to surface… With God…

“You will be sanctified by your brother, using your body only to serve the sinless. And it will be impossible for you to hate what serves whom you would heal.” There is so much focus by many to ‘raise the dead and heal the sick’… this is not about ‘doing anything out there’… it is an inside inquiry… ‘where am I not Loving?’… and take ‘This’ to God to See differently.

The beLIEf in ‘sin’ is a sacred ‘special relationship’. I am going to repeat my self from another moment… Byron Katie was visiting a friend that ‘had cancer’… as she was leaving… the woman with the apparent cancer said to her…,

“I love you,” and I (Byron) said, “No, you don’t. You can’t love me until you love your tumor. Every concept that you put onto that tumor, you’ll eventually put onto me.  The first time I don’t give you what you want, or threaten what you believe, you’ll put that concept onto me.”…

and I just Breath that Truth in… there was an ‘ouch’ at one moment when I first heard this… and yet… the Truth is Truth. And admitting I was wrong. My attempts ‘to fix cancer’ through every alternative method Known for the past 35 years as a ‘doctor’.

Facing ‘my beLIEf in sin’ was one of the Major Turning points in stopping ‘my beLIEf’ in ‘terminal cancer’… All ‘religions’ beLIEve in ‘sin’… and with this beLIEf… they encourage their ‘followers’ to ‘attempt to sin less’… This will keep the beLIEf alive. And how many ‘wars’ must be ingaged in before we Waken to this Truth… I am Sinless… You are Sinless… We are Sinless… Amen!

The means of sinlessness can know no fear because they carry only love with themno illusion can disturb the peace of a relationship that has become the means of peace.

 On your learning (not ‘doing’) depends the welfare of the world.

Who can attack the Son of God and not attack his Father?

If you were one with God and recognized this oneness, you would know His power is yours. But you will not remember this while you believe attack of any kind means anything. It is unjustified in any form. (Trump vs Hilary, black vs. white, ham vs lettuce… all forms of symbols that can ‘separate us’… all symbols to Learn LOVE ONLY)

And from One of my Favorite movies of all time…What Morpheus told Neo in the Matrix… “I want to Free Your Mind”

12079088_396601370538138_229145851514443071_nThe ‘sleeping mind’ is terrified of Love… and the answer is as close to you as your ‘thoughts’… wage war no more… Love Your enemy… I think there is something like this in the bible…so in more progressive terms.. Learn to Love Trump, Hilary and ham…

Much Love My Friends!! And have a  Completely Fabulous Sinless Moment!!