It is Past Easter, No More ‘Crucifixion’ Conversations…Please Stop, All ready!?!?

OK, so my desire’ was to have this ready on ‘Good Friday”… you know, the ‘hallmark crucifixion’ date. Well, what I now Know is that my buddy, Lisa Natoli was giving a talk on video “on the subject”, reading out of the ACIM text and everything…in fact, she waves around a “Jesus card”, I sent her a while back…Any way… as ‘luck’ would have it… Bill Free was recording it to post on FB several days after Good Friday…so I received it on Good Monday… to pass this blog along to you, along with a link to that video…

Really looking at my stories of ‘crucifixion’… and Laughing… Crucifixion lies in the world of ‘building better mouse traps’… My focus was always on fixing, improving or desiring something I beLIEve in, and/or ‘crucifying’ that which I do not beLIEve. A world of ‘thought full’ delusion and insanity at best.

According to ACIM, Jesus chose crucifixion as a ‘means’ of teaching the ultimate lesson “THERE IS NO THING WRONG…JUST LOVE”…Teaching aids back then appeared to be more severe. I have a memory of a ‘gospel card’ from childhood…it was a picture of Jesus pointing up. The lesson, Jesus is saying, “This way out”…

However, most of my life has been being a ‘victim’ to my story. ”All I see is my house being foreclosed or cancer (fill in your version of fear)”. I do not say, “Thank You Calico for creating a very inventive life story to ‘learn these teachings from Jesus’. At one point, all I could see was a cliff…Jesus is (and always has been) saying “JUMP AND FLY, Do it this way and You too can Resurrect”. ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS A DESIRE TO BE HAPPY AND A WILLINGNESS TO SEE EVERYTHING DIFFERENTLY… Really…

In a former beLIEf, I held, ‘cancer crucifies a person’s body’. I Chose ‘cancer’ as the same means for learning this very valuable lesson that Jesus used called ‘crucifixion’.   I was, however, not remotely conscious going in to it that it was a gift to myself to get beyond my beLIEfs…

In a time outside of now, in a land far, far away, ‘crucifixions’ were about as bad as it got, at the time…. Sitting around the fire, topics that included ‘crucifixions’…generated ‘fear in all minds’… So Jesus… being ‘alive’ at the ‘time’, ‘thought with God”…. “Since I Trust You (God) Above Everything the Eyes See, Fear Cannot coexist in “thought” with You (God IS ONLY Love). ‘Crucifixion without fear”, would be a good demonstration of LOVE (Resurrection vs crucifixion).” Jesus showed us how to rise above everything…Forgive my self for all of its’ deluded thinking… Cancer cannot kill unless I beLIEve it.

That is the ‘cliff’ we stand before in each moment we are not happy. The ‘cliff’ looms big and we generate fear… the guilt generated from me ‘scaring my self’, produces more fear, because now I am thinking, “I am not getting it” (fill in your version of not getting it…money, relationships that satisfy, ACIM, all bigger better mousetraps).

The small minded, fearfull thoughts of ‘cancer crucifies’ will only serve to generate Fear. Fear Separates from God. That is the emotion that ‘blocks’ the light. Taking the ‘fear’ TO God. ‘Facing it with God’ (God has No Fear). This is called ‘accepting the atonement’ in ACIM. ‘Accepting’ is actually ‘Giving your fear to God’, where God ‘disappears it’, if I am willing to be happy. Placing ‘fear’ on the alter…Give my fear to the alter, or as Lisa likes to say…”Put the trash out for the garbage truck to pick up”. All I have to do is to forgive my self for not trusting God. God is only LOVE. God does NOT give us lessons… I do that…because I forgot I was only love.

So the lessons I gift to my self are to re think whatever I find fearfull. Forgiving my self for ever wanting ‘more’ of any thing.

Here is a copy of a video with Lisa Natoli addressing ‘Crucifixion to Resurrection’ ( )…

You will receive this on whatever ‘Good Day” You receive it!!!!

Injoy!!!!! Xoxoxoxo




1 thought on “It is Past Easter, No More ‘Crucifixion’ Conversations…Please Stop, All ready!?!?

  1. So powerful, the statement that God does not give lessons.there is much confusion around this with a lot of Course students. God does not even know we are “here” simply because He knows we are not. We have never left our eternal Home.we have had a nightmare of a dream but it was only a dream and none of it ever was true. Love you Calico, Lloyd

    Sent from my iPad There is no life outside of Heaven.



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