To Have All Give All

“If your brother asks for your coat, give it to him. Offer your cloak as well. To have, images-66give all to all.”.

A friend posted this on Facebook and it begs a deeper inquiry for me. What does that really mean… and my ‘thoughts With God’ brought me the answer!! Lolol

There was a recent “Miracle” for me. I did a ‘drive by’ on a former home that was taken back by the bank. Several years and many opportunities for forgiveness have ensued… to where.. I am so at Peace in all areas of my life.

David Hoffmeister, an acim teacher/student, says to use all forms of ‘video’ to Awaken. Videos allow us to see where ,‘I’ am, harboring upsetting emotions.   Those areas that I am not ‘trusting God’. Where I am still using ‘my fearfull egoic mind’.

When ‘viewing a movie’ and a feeling comes up… fear, anger, upset… there is a ‘Clearing” needed. I am ‘trusting an upset’ (small ego mind), and ‘not trusting God’….

So the ‘videos’ I watch on ‘my dvd’ are no different than the projections I see with my eyes in the horizontal world. SO… I decided to ‘test my level of forgiveness’ by driving by the property and ‘seeing’ my reaction and thoughts.

So there have been some apparent changes in the 20 acre piece. The abundant Ponderosa Trees… formerly my “‘Walden Pond’ Friends”… were gone… clear cut…

The Miracle… my Heart went out to the New Owner of the Property… so Seeing the Tree removal as just another fear projection. While ‘our fear projections appeared to be very different’… they were Exactly the same….

While I was living there… I used the Trees for my Inspiration. I was taught to ‘see fairies’, another story… it came down from my Irish Grandmother… but as I Love to say… my understanding of the ‘fairies’ is no different than a ‘belief in medicine’… same horizontal projection. All ‘beLIEfs’ are NOT GOD.

My fear of God projected an ability to communicate with ‘nature’. While living amongst the ponderosas, I spoke with them often…images-55

At the time, ‘the Ponderosas’ used to say a lot and I completely misunderstood much, if not all of it. They spoke in terms of ‘their existence’ was solely there for ‘serving me’. At the time with my level of understanding, I ‘thought’ this meant, They are there to ‘provide beauty’. Perhaps they even were removing impurities from the air… the usual ‘fairy friendly’ projected ideas… seemed clear to me…

So standing and looking over the once ‘tree laden property’… I ‘remembered’ these conversations. Now with my small mind… ego as acim refers, I could see… ‘the beauty is gone’…”those trees that helped to purify my mind and air are gone’, ‘once again, we are so screwed’… ‘seemed clear’… YET… acim has allowed me access to ‘MY GOD MIND’…. I looked again with it…

INSTEAD… I put my self in the position of the Tree as God. How might this conversation go. The Tree, as God, is there to ‘serve with LOVE only’…. Serve With Love Only… Serve With Love Only… no matter what it might ‘apparently look like’…

So,I, Projected ‘trees’ for ‘my visual entertainment’… This new owner allowed for a very different projection. SO… Since ‘I did the drive by’… if you spot it you got it … so it is now Mine to See differently.

The ‘missing Trees’… God Is NEVER MISSING… no matter what ‘my eyes are telling me’… The ‘trees told me’… ‘they were here to Serve…. ‘the trees’ are now providing heat or shelter from ‘the form’ of wood. God Cares Not About Form… Ever.   A Tree is a symbol… an energy… and I asked my self… is the Beauty I perceived ‘better or worse’ than the heat now provided to some body else… the lumber to build the next home… There is no difference… I Loved them one way… now they are ‘being loved in another way’… same Love… no difference … no exceptions… ever…

The Beauty ‘I’ only saw as ‘living trees’… was altered. As a ‘horizantal story line’… images-57‘the beauty continues in another form’… and in the horizontal… with the same ‘trust’ that the sun will come up tomorrow…’I trust’ the ‘ground will regrow’…

And the Vertical Beauty was the ability to SEE All as Serving With Love.

The ‘trees gave their cloaks’… to provide the Beauty of Heat when Heat is needed…. Or Shelter when Shelter is needed… And as acim guides us… All that Is Necessary is to TRUST GOD ABOVE ALL ELSE… no matter what ‘the eyes are informing us’..

“If your brother asks for your coat, give it to him. Offer your cloak as well. To have, give all to all.”.

Much Love All… in whatever form you find your self… xox