Awakening Through Foreclosure (1)


Was looking at the opportunities I have provided myself in this life time.  One of the Greatest Gifts I gave myself was called,  ‘foreclosure’.  I will start by saying… I actually had a ‘short sale’.  The technical terms in different worlds are funny.  The difference between a short sale and a foreclosure… You get to Choose when you leave in a short sale vs. having the local a government official come to your door with a padlock.  So my case was a short sale.  I chose to leave.

And this is actually the ending of this ‘story’.  What I really want to Share is, ‘how’ I surfed the ‘mind field’.  How I created a way to Think about this differently.  How I Created the Greatest Opportunity out what appeared at the time, of the greatest heart ache.

It started with me purchasing land and building my ‘dream Home’.  My Irish Grandmother would share stories of living in Ireland above animals.  I was beyond intrigued as a child.  Fantasies as a child always included animals and living with them in some fashion!

So starting with raw land, I designed my fantasy.  I created a Haven.  I created the ultimate of ‘tree houses’.  I lived among the ponderosa pine boughs.  I built the loft of my barn out into the most delightful of spaces.  1500 sg feet of Love.  I wrote ‘affirmations’ and words of Love on all the supporting beams and trusses.  Underneath the tongue and groove pine, were the words that would ‘support the fantasy’.    Or so I thought.

I built my Idol and named her the “Laughing Palomino”.  The more I put into her, the more unconscious my separation from God became.  I created my “heaven”… separate from God.  Without my conscious thought, there was a belief structure built up around the Laughing Palomino.  I worked on self sufficiency, heating with the wood, cutting wood from the property while allowing the forests to be healthier, my garden provided much of my food, I worked the cattle that eventually became food, recycled, and ‘worked my way into a “giant tangle of beLIEfs”.  A system that would only Serve Me, by my Willingness to Trust God.  And in My Case, a system of ‘thought’ and resulting ‘effect’, that would become dismantled.

None of this was ‘conscious’ while my idol (Laughing Palomino) remained unchallenged.  And on some level, I Knew that the path towards God was away from my isolation on the mountain.  I deliberately went to the woods, like Thoreau.  And I now See, how I needed to ‘deliberately’ give up the idol, and move else where to better Serve God.  I set this up for me to See.  I had to give up what I saw at the time, my greatest love.

This “love of form” was what ACIM calls an idol.  Idols are anything that we place as greater than God’s Love.   My Commitment to See as God Sees, became secondary, to managing the Laughing Palomino.  My idol was greater than God.

If you have a desire to See God…. “The idol has to go”… or change… and since I was dealing with a particularly ‘stubborn’ illusory form, me, my projected lesson called ‘forclosure’ was the fastest way back to God, “to see the separation”, “uncover my Light”, “Join in Love”… call it whatever you will.

However, I came into this world of illusion, as a child ‘searching for something… which I ultimately Seeing as my internal unconscious, “Willingness” to See God.  The Background that ‘drove me forward’ in life.

In My life ‘story’, to Experience God’s Love, I would be required to put my idol up as an offering.  Whether I stayed at the Laughing Palomino or I would Leave…either way… My greatest commitment was to be Graced with the Peace of God.

I was guided through A Course in Miracles… The Literal interpretation of ACIM… The path was divine… The Lesson Complete…  More will be Revealed…


9 thoughts on “Awakening Through Foreclosure (1)

  1. This is beyond the beyond. Now you are official. And you’ve done a God-led job, Callico. You will always have me on pins and pine needles with “more will be revealed” and that’s a good thing. … btw, a little Divine Coincidence here. Adjusting to the solo life after 28+years with a partner, I was standing in the kitchen, tea cup in hand, looking out at the falling snow, and it popped into my head, “I wonder how people who go off to deliberately live by themselves can take seeing no human face or hearing another’s voice for months, even years on end?” And what to my wondering eyes should appear but your “foreclosure” post. I know my question wasn’t the point of it, but it had another point for me. I’ve “lost” almost my whole family, and friends (including by moves to opposite ends of the country) and, being an only “kid” and somewhat of an introvert, I didn’t realize the importance of human contact. I have to marvel how today’s youth seem to ignore the contact they have in favor of their hand-helds, even when sitting right next to somebody! Now, really getting serious over ACIM, I can see how this life situation has been perfectly designed for me. My brothers (and sisters) are now top of the line, primo primo. As I get more organized in the aftermath of “loss,” and relying on HS to guide me through, I’m excited about getting “out there” (thankfully I still remembered how to operate a vehicle after years as a passenger) to shine this Light I’d forgotten was right here, inside. … I can tell your “short sale” was a huge message-bringer. You obviously have turned up the volume to listen with great care, because you are transmitting on high frequency. Love you. And, yippeee — you have a site!


  2. Calico, you are so inspiring with your Love with ACIM. As it says , it may not be easy but it is simple. I was given The Course by an “ex” partner in 1997 and it was the greatest gift I could have received. Has turned my “life” upside down,inside out. And spit me out the other side, much to my delight. I am just sitting here reading Love Has Forgotten No One by my Friend Gary Renard. So full of Wisdom to forgive our own projections and go Home. There is a section about there being only one ego and one unconscious mind that is a must read for the serious student, gave me much clarity. Page 13 to 16 if you have the book. I will leave you with this beautiful quote from ACIM…….
    His Kingdom has no limits and no end, and there is nothing in Him that is not perfect and eternal. All this is you, and nothing outside of this is you. Amen


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