There is Much to be said about ‘money’ as a topic.  Basically I See it as Energy that does better when Moving… So with that being said, “I”, personally, am not a 501c3.   And I have a personal Guiding Light on tithing (Sharing).  This Guiding Principle is to Tithe to The Expression of the Truth.

And if you are so moved… I will accept all financial gifts or tithes.  I am not , nor have any interest in being, a 501c3.   Your money would go in my ‘Abundance Bowl’ and you would Know that it will go to further the Expression of God…  Here is a paypal button for your convenience.


I am also very happy to announce that I am available to speak at functions.  You have a venue… I have a soap box for God.

You may also use the following information as my contact information:

B. Calico-Hickeyimages-67
P.O. Box 31092
Santa Fe,  New Mexico 87594 USA

1 thought on “Contact/Donate

  1. Dear Calico,

    You have a beautiful site chockful of inspirational information! Thank you for becoming my friend on Facebook and the amazingly clear information that you present. Beautiful!


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