Thoughts Matter…

images-2Thoughts ‘DO’ matter!!! If ‘I am thinking it, I Am Manifesting ‘it’… This is one of the First ‘Games’… ‘I’ took on to SHIFT from ‘studying acim’ to ‘Living acim’.

While ‘studying the acim lessons and text’… I stayed at a ‘very superficial’ level …. The level of ‘understanding things’. ‘understanding’ is COMPLETELY AN EGO IDEA. There is No End to staying at the level of ‘understanding’… That is why my ‘’30 years of study”… got me to where it could take me. ‘More Studying’… lololo

So Many of the ‘Experiential Programs’ for “Living Acim” are popping up… all I can say is …. ‘Do Them’… Any of ‘Them”… “All of them”!!!

Initially… I had to ‘put the book down’… fed in to ‘my desire to ‘learn more’’… lololo… another snake eating it’s own tail story line in the horizontal… so Now… when I have the ‘desire’ to ‘study’… I Hear Holy Spirit Say to Me… “Just Put the Book Down!”…. lolololol

Then I have a Chance of HEARING GOD…

The ‘text of acim’… is ‘describing a thought process’…a ‘Process’ to HEAR GOD NOW.

SO… this De Light Full Process allows us to ‘See Our Fears with A LITTLE Willingness on my part (100% of the time (lolol)!)’’…

And ‘the focus is Within.’ And ‘my thoughts’ about what ever ‘story line’ is ‘running my thoughts’… Clearing ‘my thoughts’ With God… With Love… Allowing ‘me to See’ ‘my story line’ differently. This Allows me access to Hearing God…

‘I Can’t Hear God’ if ‘I am not questioning ‘my fear’ With God…Throught a Love Filter.… Ever…

So Today I woke up with the Only Choice my small mind has in the horizontal is to Love All… or Fear All…. All or Nothing… Love All… or ‘in fear’…. So I looked up Love and fear in the urtext… (to ‘satisfy my ego desire to study’)… to See what Jesus has to ‘say about this’… and here is what I ‘found’…

                               * * * * *

 “Fear is lack of Love… (acim, Nov, 1965, (Jesus to Us))  but you can will to correct it.

You would not tolerate insane behavior on your part, and would hardly advance the excuse that you could not help it. Why should you tolerate insane thinking? There is a fallacy here you would do well to look at clearly.

You both believe that you ARE responsible for what you DO, but NOT for WHAT you THINK. The truth is that you ARE responsible for what you THINK, because it is only at this level that you CAN exercise choice. What you DO comes from what you think. You cannot separate the truth by giving autonomy to your behavior. This is controlled by Me (God, Holy Spirit, Love) automatically, as soon as you place what you think under my guidance.”… acim

 * * * * * *

Ok… so I just Give to God Today… ‘to Guide My Thinking’… my ‘doingness matters not’… and any ‘matters attended to’… are better left to Love. Thinking back to ‘my purple-water-lilybuddhist’ ‘days’… the ‘Lotus Visual’… “Unfolding”… “Awakening”… Allow My Lotus to Unfold…

THOUGHTS MATTER… Love breeds Love… fertilizer for this ‘Lotus Flower’ over here… Join Me?


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