Who is ‘me’?

A very difficult concept for an identity in self construct is the determination that the idea of “not knowing” or lack of knowledge, is a decision.

The decision to “know” something involves precisely the same thought process as “not knowing”.

 In the process of reasoning to truth, that is the practice of coming to wholeness, the admonition “know thyself” is certainly no more to the mark than “don’t know thyself”!

You are perched on your own limitation limb. What a dilemma. While it is impossible to know yourself, it is equally impossible not to know yourself.

Rather, only “be yourself” each moment in time. By doing so, you will be and were re-cognized and brought to fruition.

The Master Teacher

fb0a32b9fba68b5acaea2644d49104b6I have been ‘playing’ with ‘making no decisions’ ever since hearing David Hoffmeister say… ‘All decisions are ego’… omg… ‘my mind’ has been in an interesting place…

What I am so getting… One Mind… does not include ‘calico’… ‘me’… One Mind is not a ‘self concept’… it is TRUTH. My ‘separate identity’ cannot live in One Mind… My ‘idea of self’… IS separation…

When I combine this with my recent realization that ‘my thoughts’ are not to be found in ‘my form’…(My Mind is not in here (me pointing at my head)) well… let’s just say… an interesting paradigm has appeared deeply embedded in the Trust Game.  I am either in Love or fear… (acim).

As the MT says here… “know thyself” is certainly no more to the mark than “don’t know thyself”! This whole thing brings us back to all of the Miracles spoken about in acim… they all occur in the moment of Now… Miracles are NOT past or future.  If ‘i’ think I see a past or future miracle… I am now in ‘desire land’… and that is NOT GOD!

With acim ‘words’… I can only go vertical in this one moment of Now… …Going Vertical is Joining with God… With Love… Exit from the ‘dream’, can only occur in the Now.  Heaven is Accessed in the NOW… (commonly held christian idea is that access to heaven is through death…lolol…whoops…another transcript issue…lolol)

All the ‘years of my acim study’… and the game of ‘studying’…  kept me ‘dancing with ego’… and no where near ‘exiting the dream’… The only answer I have ever needed… I Trust God Now… and if I find my self ‘fearing anything’ in this moment… it is my opportunity to ask God to See Differently… and I am brought back immediately to the Now.

To ‘know myself’… I am Seeing ‘my past’… and analyzing how that relates to ‘me’… resulting in ‘me’ thinking…’ I Know ‘me’…an ego creation.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my ‘insight’… that ‘I Am’ not in here (me pointing to my head)… My ‘current’ musings with God are Showing how… ‘my form’ and vladimir-kush-surrealism-and-illusion-2identification (calico) are a ‘delusional concept’….(lololo… so many that have crossed my path would so agree with ‘me’…lolol)

So for Now… this One Moment… I Join You (not ‘your form’… Your Truth… and We can Hold the Light To Gather!

Thank You Eternally!




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