The Dog Whisperer and ACIM


So, I have said this before and I now harbor no Shame in this any longer, by the fact that I watch reality TV and get My World from it often.  So with that being said, I was Just watching the Dog Whisperer….. One of My Personal Favorite Reality TV Programs.

So today Cesar had a retriever, with “post traumatic stress”…. I always have laughed at this one…. Who amongst us is not projecting ‘post traumatic stress’…like this is ‘special’…. we ALL appear to be viewing it.  With this case,  Cesar started healing a REALLY badly mentally injured dog from some war zone.   In it he kept talking about Avoidance or Submission.

 Since I am always Looking for a way to View Everything to Gain some benefit for my Self, I am using this as my Human lesson now…. This dog and I are no different),   I need to face whatever I am Fearing.   In facing the fear, I Know that My handler is God.   And Thank God, My God is Truly ‘Calm and Submissive’!!! Submissive is ACIM’s version of accepting the Atonement… Forgiving… willingness to See things differently.

 So Cesar “rehabilitates this dog in walking ‘confidently next to his handler.   As this dog’s confidence with his handler rises, (it occurs better each time the “old fear’ reappears)… The dog relaxes into his handlers confidance and let’s go of fear… are you Seeing the Human Lesson…God is my Handler…There is the Only Choice I ever have in life…. Relax into the lesson called life… trusting my Handler is Only Love… Now I occasionally stumble down the path AND That is Just Me yanking my own training collar….. Cesar stands only in confidance and calm and submissive…. Lolololololololololol

 If you are actually following this line of thought… You, too, did perhaps one joint too many during the sixties!….AND if you are still with Me, See this…  When the ACIM text writes… “The Script is already Written”…(and do not ask me page numbers or anything… not my thing…)… The script is the sidewalk…  this is the sidewalk of life… hydrants, fields, dangerous cars, and the not so dangerous cars… am I pulling against my self on the ‘training collar”, with God as my Handler!?!?!

 I Put My self in the “training collar”… now it is only for me to See…I see the academy, I placed my self in is called… God’s Living Light Academy for Hard to Train Dogs…. Lolololololololol I am immediately owning that is not a powerful place to come from…. And I did have to share the giggle!

Actually, I am an Old Dog, Learning New Tricks… Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo   So Much More is Constantly Being Revealed…

Have a perfectly Lovely Unedited Day!!!  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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