Medicine and Magic

images-37  A View from My Porch…

Before you read this, I must warn ALL… this is a view from My Porch. I am giving this information to you for intellectual discussion only. Before you choose anything in the illusion (more or less medication for example…), Sit with God….No Kidding… and ask to be shown and then DO NOTHING…. DID YOU READ THIS. . . . D O N O T H I N G !!! I am saying it in another way, just to be Clear…. DO NOTHING AND STAY IN GOD’S MIND!!!

Prior to Nouk’s Retreat, I had this situation that “I” was managing. Since I hit 50, I started to have ‘creeping’ upward Blood Pressure. Within the illusion of ‘Medicine (and this includes ALL MODALITIES: allopathic and alternative), I was a statistic. “creeping elevated Blood Pressure”… The belief…elevated blood pressure or blocked chi… and the back up…”’We’ see it all the time in your age group, if you loose weight, eat better, exercise…ect., you will not have symptoms”. This is the phrase you hear a lot of within the illusion called ‘health care’. Then the belief is backed up. Take meds, eat right, exercise, get adjusted, whatever…. We have been sucked into the Snake Eating It’s Own Tail. This is the field of Medicine based on a belief in birth and death! God is not involved in ANY of this. God is only Love. This is the switch from Horizantal thinking to Vertical…direct to God!

So within the old paradigm: I had creeping High blood pressure, because we see it all the time. I took Beta Blockers (medication). In my belief, if I did not take them, I had excruciating headaches, and my heart would become pronounced and start racing, blood pressure would spike, the list goes on. I believed the belief…and bought the whole back up…I took meds and got adjusted (my very ‘special’ relationship called ‘chiropractic’”). They worked because I believed them. I was not Trusting God in this decision to take meds. God is only Love… High BP lives in my world…not God’s. Until I was able to See as God Sees, I needed assistance with meds. I Needed to See as God Sees before I was able to address this belief effectively.

At the retreat, MANY situations were revealed to me. I was not paying attention to a lot of the details in my life… at least, how I used to See Myself ‘paying attention’ to the details of my life. And as a result of not calling in a prescription for my now much overdue prescription on the Beta blockers…

Well there is an entire story of how it has been for me in the past…not having meds. I hated them and attempted to get off of them many times…The result was the same…fear ending in headaches, ect. Needless to say, I got, The Lesson is in this moment. So I spoke with God… Just a situation to handle with God.

After praying to God…I felt a call of the prescription was in order, no need of panicking. I am new on Medicare (health insurance that we have in America)… And my calls kept falling through the beauocracy… I am so laughing… again…. I created My perfect script. In the past, I would see something broken. The government, my favorite entity to pick on. And I Knew I was Seeing through God’s eyes. So all of this was for my benefit…nothing missing, nothing broken… I See Headlines: Former Conspiracy Theorist Freed by Her very Own Beauocracy!!!!

Anyway… God and I handled it…The meds will be here within the next ten days…. Now since this entire show has aired…. I Have NO headaches, pounding heart, nausea, or erratic heartbeat. My BP is low and strong… I am now thinking… well when the meds arrive I could perhaps…Bronze them…as an artifact of my past.

Now in closing, Please do not see this as a ‘slam’ to any profession… I am just sharing my story…. I have spent 35 years in the chiropractic profession…, buying into the Entire medical model. Now if it Hooks you…. By all means use me as your personal goldmine…. I Love You ALL!!!!!! xoxoxopxoxox

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