God’s View through My Windshield

images-22This is a process of thinking that I have used to change my mind and See God instead of cancer, foreclosure, GMO’s, Exxon and other apparent beliefs I held.

There was a ACIM conversation on FB recently regarding ‘our stories’.  Stories appear to either be held in “We are trapped in believing them”, or “I see my story and will avoid addressing real feelings about it like the plague, so I just won’t talk about it” (I personally call this one ‘sugar coating shit’).

Believing my own story is the ultimate in ‘victimizing’ myself.  I am trapped by the belief that GMO’s are harmful.  If I think this often enough, I will ‘believe’ it.  So I need to address the belief, “GMO’s hurt people because I have been told this”.  I ask my self, “Where is God in this Thought?”

I will fight in my small egoic brain, “If I don’t think this, people could get hurt, I Need to Share”…lolololl…I must say, at this point, my insane thinking delights me.  I did at one time not only believe this thought, I made you want to believe it too.  This is the same as repeating… ‘Be careful, the earth is flat and you will fall off and die’, over and over again…it becomes Mythic and just drops into the “unconscious beliefs that drive my bus on a regular and fearful basis”.

bug splatterI do want to point out when ‘facing a belief for the first time”, it occurs as I am a bug going 60mph and the belief is a windshield.  There can be a moment of discomfort when the first two meet.

Now many will do anything to avoid the “discomfort’… Personally, this was never my ‘style’… I have shared my discomfort often and to as many hostages as I could take on.  And there are many that ‘resist’ the bug and windshield phenomenon by dusting their broken body off and saying, “God doesn’t give me any more than I can handle!”, bullshit.  The windshield doesn’t disappear, we just keep hitting it at different angles.  This is Not ACIM!!!!

ACIM is a way of correcting our ‘thinking’, to ‘disappear ‘all the windshields in our lives.  A Course in Miracles is LITERAL.  GOD is LITERAL. This is not a Hallmark card…

Both of these ways of interacting with our video, are different faces of the same coin.  Neither one of them will access vertical thinking… God as Literal.  This next step takes us from horizantal thinking to vertical (Seeing Only Love – God).

My story is the windshield.  All stories are beliefs until I forgive you for any apparent “wrongdoing”.  The Belief that something or someone is right/wrong is only Mine to change.  Beliefs disappear when I return them to neutral.

Now in the Illusion I have Free Choice.  And My Choices are not based on any myths I am currently believing.  I choose to shop at my local coop.  I look for kinder ways of doing everything.  I still put gas in my car… and I forgive my self each time I do… I now fill my car with God… Knowing God is Always the Kinder way of thinking.

Rewiring the circuits have made my life ‘simpler and happier’.  These are techniques I have used to Truly Be Peaceful.   If you find them helpful, Great… Either Way, I Join With Us in Love!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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