‘my’ Inner Terrorist

images-25Hi, ‘my name is calico’, and, the Truth… ‘I am a terrorist’.  I See Error (terror) and Make it ‘truth’… then I start ‘judging’ any thing that does not support this ‘insane’ thinking… and this has not worked well for ‘my world’…

Now, I See Terrorism, my dis ease of seeing ‘error’… and ‘I think to my self’… Where am I ‘scaring my self’ (again…lolo…Bless Me)… and ‘stop it’… Ask God to See All differently…

It is interesting with any ‘terror attack’… we are more interested in ‘convicting the guilty party’, ‘judging’… than inquiring… Where is this fear and anger coming from? Why am ‘i’ seeing ‘fear and anger’ instead of Love in ‘my world’?  Where am I ‘projecting’ ‘this suffering in the ‘horizontal’?   Where am I not Trusting God?

During ‘the’ foreclosure… I had Many ‘terrorist thoughts’… I am going to own this… as I Get… there is only One Mind… and there ‘appears’ ‘i’ am not the only one ‘projecting suffering’, with recent ‘terrorist news events in the horizontal’…!

(I just Need to say… being a ‘former conspiracy theorist’… For ‘any out there’ reading this…I no Longer ‘think in these circles’… (LOLOLOL) I have put that ‘thinking behind me’…lololo… I Am really Holding Love to All ‘projections’… appears to be ‘my path’…)

And… during some ‘Major Forgiveness Moments’… I ‘thought’ … (this really occurs funny at this moment… and I remember when it was ‘not funny’, LOLOL)… about ‘how’ to get weapons to the New York City Chase Bank …… I ‘thought’ about ‘how’ it would ‘feel’ to ‘kill’ those that ‘I’ had ‘convicted’ as the ‘cause’ of ‘my suffering’… by ‘illegally stealing my home’… I wanted ‘them’ to suffer.. to experience the ‘pain’ that ‘I was’… really… many ‘terrorist thoughts’… my fear of ‘loosing everything’ felt ‘worthy’ of terrorist thoughts’.  ALL MY PROJECTION….ALL MINE to LOVE and Forgive myself for ‘ever having those thoughts’.  All Going to God to See Differently…

20With acim, I was able to ‘own’ this projection… as my own… there are no ‘others’ to blame… No Chase Bank or ‘guilty employees’…’no stealing homes’ … only ‘my thoughts’ to give to God OR Continue suffering… My Choice Completely!!! (lol) Give up ‘icky’ thoughts for ‘Loving’ Thoughts…

So each time I hear of a ‘terrorist attack’…  I remind ‘my self’…JOIN IN LOVE!!!  And GO to GOD… (againlol), “Where am I not Loving? The Source of Fear ‘out there’ is a result of ‘my fear full thinking’, ‘in here’. God is not in the ‘my house’…Holy Spirit, Help me to See where I continue to ‘block’ the Light…”….Big God Pause…

Healing my inner terroristSo with each ‘news event’ of ‘terrorism’… it is My Red Flag to Go Within… Where am I continuing to Blame another… make another ‘wrong’… attempt to ‘fix the illusion’ (moving deck chairs on the titanic). Where is God… Where is Love… Holy Spirit… Help Me to See All of this Differently!!!!

The Clearing of ALL FEAR AND ANGER… is an ‘inside’ job… No Exceptions… Ever… Thank God… and a Giant Hug Around ALL!





4 thoughts on “‘my’ Inner Terrorist

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  2. Calico, I really appreciate your words symbols of symbols. I also choose to believe you in this moment. I have found myself asking this question lately, At what point is it the offendee’s responsibility to get over being offended?
    So my mind wanders to some scary place where I am about to witnes a pedophile about to accost a young child.
    So there I am re arranging furniture on the titanic and blow that mother fucker into the collective consciousness and then I go on to believe the karma and reincarnate into that bastard. And so Imstuck reincarnating on this planet until I bless this relationship?

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    • My mind goes to ‘every scary place’ I can ‘think of’…lolo… there is ‘gold’ in them there ‘thoughts’… and all I have ‘to do’…is forgive my self for thinking them… ‘unearth’ any be LIEf that is keeping this fear in Place… and continue to ask God to ‘correct my thinking”!!! Thanks ‘Groovy’!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox


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