The last ‘shedding’ complaint

Been Playing with ‘my judgmental projection’ of ‘doGs’ recently… (God spelled backwards…lol) Just ‘noticing all the ‘subtle’ judgments that are associated with them… the occasional ‘ick’ factor when picking up dog poop… ‘my dislike’ of how my ‘heeler puts his butt (tail up) right in my face when stretching next to me in bed’!!!! “the complaint of the ‘shedding’ factor of my ‘shedding’ dogs”.

HOLY SPIRIT…. I have a ‘few hard to remove stains on ‘my thinking’… Help Me See These Differently…

o-1Well… “I” immediately ‘have a conversation’… with another ‘dog park Teacher of God’ that happens to come into ‘view’… She has ‘no dog’… just ‘walking’ at the doG Park… I ‘take notice’ and inquire. Her story… (and ultimately perhaps ‘her projection’)… and ‘Her story’… now is ‘my lesson’… ‘apparently, her dog has ‘cushings’.. he lost all his hair… he is currently not strong enough to come to the doG park… She comes as She In Joys the ‘views’ and ‘the doGs’… I Join her in the Views and the doGs!!!

DogSheddingAND… I Got My Lesson… ‘I hate dog hair that is not attached to a dog’… hey…’my correction immediate’.. I Am So F-cking Blessed to have Two Largish Hairy doGs in My Projections, that I Adore and make me so damn Happy…. I made a promise to My Friend Lars… I would ‘write about my chronic complaint about dog hair’ and never mention it, or ‘think’ it again without correcting ‘my self immediately’…

So My Fellow Dog Park Travelers… Lighten up on Shedding Thoughts Everywhere!!! Pet a doG today. I Join You in Love!!!

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